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The Effect of our Values, Positive Beliefs and Feelings

I’m taking the liberty to take care of today’s Blog by sharing an article that I am including in Day 6 of my 12 Day E-Course.

I wrote the following article back in May of 2004 and if you are Subscribed to my Free E-Newsletter you will have received the article in the Resources Section of our Web Site. Click Here to Subscribe to our Free E-Newsletter.

By taking this liberty I am taking care of today’s Blog, Day 6 of my 12 Day E-Course and Extreme Self Care.

Laura & I are going to take Chase out for a walk on the beach at 5pm – because all work and no play make Simon a dull boy.

I’m setting an example for all of the clients that I deal with – there is always something to do but what good is it if you don’t take care of yourself.

The Effect of our Values, Positive Beliefs and Feelings

When one is associated to their values, then they are generating positive beliefs and feelings.

  • Unmet needs often generate negative beliefs and emotions.
  • Positive values always generate positive beliefs and feelings.

Let’s be clear about the effect of that the following have on our surrounds; values or needs, negative or positive beliefs and feelings or emotions really are. The fact that we are electromagnetic beings is not a secret. Every first-year physics student knows that. But what has been coming under very careful study for several years now is the realization that what we are feeling at any one moment causes vibrational waves to be emitted from us.

If the vibrations leaving us from emotions are, for instance, below middle C on the piano scale, the vibrational waves coming from us will be mildly to heavily negative, long and slow (and have been photographed as such), and become longer and slower the farther down they go on the so-called piano scale.

If those waves are above our middle C or positive, they are of a shorter, faster vibration, becoming shorter and faster the higher up they’re played on our piano, like from mild pleasure to full-out excitement.

That piano is us. Take even a tiny bit of fret, or worry, and you’re down below middle C. But take unbridled hate, and now you’ve dropped down into the arena of very powerful, long, slow waves, caused simply by Negative needs generating negative beliefs and emotions. How the sender was feeling at the moment.

Little wonder all the books have come out about “finding joy,” and “creating the good life,” and “positive thinking,” all of which might hopefully create positive, high frequency vibrations – if they could only be sustained – depending on the intensity of the feeling or emotions that the sender is feeling.

Another way of demonstrating the effects of values or needs, negative or positive beliefs and feelings or emotions on our bodies that are 97% water –

Please click the following link to the site for Masaru Emoto’s new book, THE MESSAGE FROM WATER. Mr. Emoto and his team experiment with water samples exposed to music, words spoken, words typed and taped to the glass containers, photographs and long-distance thought messages. Some of the photographs are amazing and all of them show a response from the water.


With positive values generating positive beliefs and feelings, you will really understand what the needs of others are and in a business setting, attract the creativity to write an inspiring proposal with positive values generating positive beliefs and feelings.

This all segways into the concept of Attraction which is a part of the work that I do.

Here is an example of a sales associate using the attraction approach;

  • offer expertise versus prospecting
  • takes a genuine interest versus building rapport
  • sets a target to sell twice the quota amount versus selling to meet quota
  • seeks to serve versus using sales techniques
  • seeks to educate versus attempting to sell during the appointment
  • is graceful and very professional versus being pushy
  • expands the potential customer’s vision, expectations and goals versus touting just features and benefits
  • feels motivated by how many lives they make better, sale or not versus getting pumped up to sell
  • develops 20% of their customers to refer lots of business versus relying on leads from promotion
  • generates interest continually versus marketing and prospecting in cycles

(please note some of the concepts from the above article were developed from the book call “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting” by Lyn Grabhorn and from the concept of “Irresistible Attraction” by the late Thomas Leonard, founder of Coach University.)