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The Easter long weekend was wonderful.

Time to relax, reflect, give thanks –

Strange feeling with the absence of the web site – blog, e-newsletters, products & services and resources production not being at the top of mind. It has been there since September.

This reminds of a program or an idea that Thomas Leonard talked about – “In the absence of.”

With the completion of the web and related components, the RAM and hard drive of my mind do not seem as full and it feels like ideas and actions can start to flow more in “real time” versus being back logged in what seemed to be a never ending to do list.

It is time to write the April 1st edition of the e-newsletters and I plan to start that today.

We will be launching our new “How can you receive 30 days of coaching risk free” – Products & Services section this week.

With the foundation of the web, now looking forward to enhancing my speaking career through e-marketing. Lots to learn.