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The Cumis Power Point Is Ready To Go And So Am I

Thank goodness that I started the Cumis Power Point on Tuesday afternoon because the head start allowed me to complete it on Wednesday morning rather than using Thursday’s flight time.

Thursday is a travel day to Gatineau, QU. I’m going a day early to acclimatize to the time zone rather than flying in and getting up early to do a 2 ½ hour workshop the next day.

The Cumis Group Workshop is on Saturday and rather than flying home I’m laying over till Tuesday/Wednesday of next week for Pro-Seminar’s Speaking Presentations in Kitchener, ON and Winnipeg, MB.

So I will have Thursday, Friday & Sunday to work on Business and Product Development that includes;

Power Point
• A final look at my 2 ½ Workshop Power Points for The Cumis Group
• Review my 1 hour Speaking Presentation Power Points
• Preparation for next week’s Client Calls / Review Schedule & Number of Clients I wish to work with
• Review of September
• Review Delegation Items to Virtual Assistant
• The Elite Advisor
• Automate Prospect Follow Up from Speaking
• Update our Speaking Folio
• Speaking Marketing Plan
• Marketing Plan Review
• Branding Review
• My Book
• October E-Newsletter

As always, there is a lot going on a Leading Advisor because if you are not growing, you are becoming yesterday’s news.

Click here for our September Removing Your Roadblocks E-Newsletter.

Here is the draft of The New Company Logo for Leading Advisor.

Here is the draft of The Clear Values Program™ Logo. The Clear Values Program™ is a program that works in conjunction with the book title: The Unmet Needs Disease™.

The three arrows represent;
• Unmet Needs, Limiting Beliefs and Limiting Emotions.
• Values, Positive Beliefs and Positive Feelings.