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The Completion Of The Book Is Clearly In Site

Laura and I are traveling on the ferry back from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo, BC on Saturday @ 3:20pm PDT on our way back from visiting my mother in Agassiz, BC.

My mother Irene at 87 is doing very well at her assisted living apartment, even after two broken hips, a broken arm and a heart valve, all in the last 5 years.

Saturday brings another 4:30am start to catch the 6am ferry in Nanaimo, BC after Friday’s 4:00am start, mostly because I was still on Eastern Time after traveling back from Oshawa, ON on Thursday night.

I’m very much looking forward to Sunday and Monday off to get some extra sleep and recharge my batteries.

I’m really feeling that this rest is well deserved as I’m really on top of my game and have been working on the following projects over the course of last week.

• June 15th E-Newsletter
• Systems to enable Laura and I to be away on a business retreat in England from May 31st – June 10th
• Prospecting system for public speaking
• Automating the follow up to our public speaking
• Pro-Seminars Las Vegas presentation in September
• Fee adjustments
• Editing the text transcription of my Removing Your Roadblocks presentation

I was thrilled to get the 25 page text transcription of my Removing Your Roadblocks presentation back from our Virtual Assistant which was transcribed from an MP3 recording of my Removing Your Roadblocks presentation that I did for Advocis South Saskatchewan on Thursday, May 10th.

I started editing the text transcription off and on during my travels on Saturday and I’m thrilled at the realization that the 25 page document is solid text, by the time we edit it, add title pages, add table of contents, add paragraph structure, add the chapters, add assignments and PowerPoint slides we will have a 150 – 200 page book.

The completion of the book is clearly in sight and it appears it will be ready for publishing late this summer.

The review of the transcription is also helping me to magnify my speaking as I am delivering the Removing Your Roadblocks presentation again on May 24th for Advocis North Central Saskatchewan and May 30th for The Independent Financial Brokers Association in Toronto, ON.