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The Choice Of Practice Or Pattern?


It’s Friday at 4:05pm and I am investing the time to write this Blog while waiting for my last coaching call of the week at 4:15pm.

And “oh what a week” and it started last Sunday at 4:45am to get ready for a flight to London, ON to speak at Pro-Seminars at 8am ET on Monday morning and then flying back the same day and then it was coaching calls for Tuesday to Friday.

I guess my practice started right back then celebrating that I’m blessed to have an incredible amount of space during the 9 – 10 hours of travel time each way. Where else in your life do you have 20 hours of solitude to get clear? It is about a choice to celebrate and not to get hooked into comments of some during my non-client conversations over the course of the journey;

“How do you do it?! I could never do that. Oh, you are going to feel it on Tuesday. I could never sit still that long. It would drive me crazy”.

It is about practice. I practice bringing business development and client files with me on the flight so that I am making 101% use of my time. I am rarely sitting idle and the only time that I do is when I am taking a meditation break or when I am finished with my work.

Funny … idle has the definition of; lazy; vain; unoccupied; unemployed; … idle sounds like idol and didn’t someone once say that you were forbidden to worship false idols?

“How do you do it?! I could never do that. Oh, you are going to feel it on Tuesday. I could never sit still that long. It would drive me crazy”.

Again, practice is about choice.

It has been a great week because of the following;

• Practiced my daily meditation first thing in the day and during the day to ignite infinite energy and to provide my clients with same and to NOT get sucked into the high drama that some of my clients are creating in their ego mind
• Hired an energy coach
• Personal journaling affirming my positive practice and reexamining the patterns that that I can easily get hooked into when I do not do my practice
• Managed and tracked all files and information in a system to make it easy to manage and prioritize information keeping me out of overwhelm
• Reading
• Completed 4 power rides on my bicycle – last Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
• I made a list of inspirational movies that I will purchase on DVD to have available versus TV
• Had a conversation with my mother and she is in good spirits
• Ordered new shirts to replace the ones that have shrunk and that I have killed with the odd pen
• Our business is in flow as we have a consistent number of clients and it is now just about maintaining the process. Yes there are some big projects to complete like the book, group coaching, upgrading the removing your roadblocks e-book and web site … the key is we have a strong foundation
• Experienced the benefits of adding 2 ½ hours per coaching day of non-coaching time
• A business development loan repayment is in sight and the money will be then available for another investment
• Pre-prepared for my coaching calls with clients a day in advance
• Celebrated a number of miracle outcomes with my clients – it is a joy to work with those that really do the work and to experience significant changes in a short period of time
• Clients continue to hire us for special projects that include; hiring an assistant, coaching junior advisors, one on one business planning retreat and a removing your roadblocks one on one retreat – we only have one open day for client work between now and the end of January. Keep in mind we have time for personal time, management, product development and clients.
• Laura scheduled our clients schedule up to March 2008
• Organized the filming of the 8am presentation that we are doing for Pro-Seminars on Monday, November 26th
• Examined the automation of our follow up to the attendees of our public speaking
• Worked on our 2008 speaking schedule
• Improved our One Sheet for our public speaking marketing
• Being more aware of Advocis Chapters that we can contact for 2008 speaking
• Contacted Peter Lantos of The Elite Advisor to have a conversation about how we can best help each other
• Speaking leads are being followed up
• Created an Elevator Speech Assignment
• Thought of a few product names for our new group coaching product
• Improved my power point by reducing the presentation down to 50 slides versus 110
• An invitation to write for The Advocis FORUM Magazine again
• Started an article called weathering the potential economic emotional storm
• New clients are coming into the business via the internet, past clients coming back, referrals and speaking. I am quite pleased to say that a client came in through the one on one coaching pages that explains our coaching process on our web site. This was after and through a meditation where I asked that we continue to attract new clients both easily and effortlessly. We are on-track with our sales forecasts.
Kim Black our IT expert has completed a number of tweaks on the web site
• Simon Parson’s our Computer expert introduced me to the Fly Fusion Pentop Computer
• Scheduled December so that I can enjoy the holidays and get four days of writing in at the same time.

This is what it is all about is the practice of giving thanks and this helps to create inspiration and here is the complete list of my practice;

• Journaling – Michael Gerber said “if you see it, you will forget it, if you hear it, you will remember it and you feel it, you will understand it”. Writing will cause you to feel it as you write it because you are body is engaged in the process as well as just your mind and you will see it as you write it and hear it internally as you pay more attention to what you are writing.
• Giving thanks and feeling thankful
• Tell Laura that I love her
• Meditation and affirming infinite energy first thing in the morning and taking breaks during the day to recharge my body and mind with infinite energy
• Vigorous cardio exercise 2 – 3 times per week
• Acknowledging that I continue to meet the unmet needs of my subconscious ego mind of worthiness, approval and safety
• Clearing limiting beliefs and limiting emotions if and when required
• Affirm “forgive, forgiven, forget”
• Perform an act of kindness. Laura and I bought a new mattress and were served by the nicest and friendliest sales associate named Victor. Victor is an expert on mattresses and the part about the bed being installed with technology that removes negative ions really sold me. Victor made a mistake with his computer input and had to cancel the first order which took him a lot of time while Victor repeated “I am so stupid, I am so stupid, I am so stupid”. Even after 30 minutes of sitting just enjoying the space of nothing to do or think about while Victor fixed things up, Victor shook my hand and thanked me for the business and said “I am sorry that I took so long and I am so stupid”. I held Victor’s had and looked deeply into his eyes and said look at me. Am I angry? Victor said no. I said stop telling your self you are stupid, focus on it is Saturday, you just made a great sale and that the day is going to continue to be an excellent day”.
• Thank my clients for the opportunity to be of service


The more I do it there more I attract. It resembles a sunflower and following the flow of the sun’s radiance and as I do I grow stronger and stronger.

What happens when I don’t practice?

Maybe my old pattern might sound a little familiar?

1. Feeling afraid – based on the unmet need of safety
2. Complaining and judging that nothing is good enough – based on the unmet need of worthiness
3. Going in circles going from one thing to the next to the next with judgment and no sense of appreciation – based on the unmet need of approval
4. Making lists to keep track of it all – based on the unmet need of control
5. Setting expectations that are too high – based on the unmet need of recognition
6. Not prioritizing and this makes everything seem like it is an A priority and keeps me going in circles – based on the unmet need of safety
7. Getting angry because it appears that not enough is being accomplished – based on the unmet need of worthiness and when it gets this far the tail spin continues …
8. Feeling worn out
9. Feeling like a victim and telling a story to justify my negative experience; “You don’t how bad my life is because I have experienced; a), b), c), etc.”
10. Blaming
11. Attracting crisis