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The Best Start To A Year Ever

Yesterday was filled with fabulous energy.

When I typed in financial advisor coach on Google we are #1 !! Please note that the search results were for January 5th, 2006 and that they change day to day.

We are presenting “Start Your Year in Gear” – A Step by Step System to Get 2006 in Order for the Certified Financial Analysts on January 10, 2006 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm at SFU Segal Graduate School of Business, 4th Floor Policy Room #4800, 500 Granville St., Vancouver.

For the CFA site click; Certified Financial Analysts

We are presenting “The 2 Secrets of Leading Advisors” re-ignite Your Passion for 2006, Create More Business From Existing Customers and Increase Qualified Referrals by 500% for Pro-Seminars;

January 17th, 2006 2pm Blackfoot Inn, Calgary, Alberta
January 19th, 2006 8am Best Western Richmond Hotel

For the a Quick Link to Pro-Seminars click; Pro-Seminars

Amusement flows every time I write the date of January 5, 2006 on correspondence and marvel at how early it is in January and that all of the following are completed or 99% completed setting the stage for the best year ever;

– Vision Statement
– Vision Finance
– Projects List & Projects Scheduled
– Products Funnel
– Marketing
– Marketing Nurture
– Marketing Push
– Marketing “E”
– Sales Forecasts
– Financial Plan

And !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are now ready to take action an enhance the following;

– Web Edit
– Product Pages
– Power Point
– Power Point Product
– Marketing Nurture
– Marketing Push
– Marketing “E”
– E-Book
– Book
– E-Newsletter Topic
– Blog