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The Best Become Better & The Worst Disappear

The Best Become Better & The Worst Disappear

It’s 9:30am ET and I’m in Toronto after an excellent Sunday flight. This makes it 6:30am PT for me and with a 4am PT wakeup, I have already been to the gym, showered, had breakfast and planned my day … the jet lag is a little rougher today than usual.

I fly in early when I am speaking so I can acclimatize to the time zone even though I am not speaking until Thursday.

I suppose another reason for the jet lag is because even though I was on the 15th floor of the hotel, every 15 minutes all night long I could still hear the bang, bang, bang of the tailgates of the heavy trucks that were dumping snow in the parking lot across the street from the hotel.

I’m now settled in a room on the 11th floor on the other side of the hotel and they are building a high rise next door and only work from 8am – 5pm.

What can I say … most of us are bombarded by noise and most of the time I am in the little town of Parksville, BC. The speaking and travelling are the price I pay to live in paradise.

I’ll be on the phone today speaking with clients from 12:30pm – 7:45pm ET.

You have heard the expression, when going get’s tough, the tough get going.

I was watching a news clip about the fashion industry for 2008 and the reporter asked Max Azaria, a leading designer about fashion and the economy and he replied; “The best become better and the worst disappear”.