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The Abundant Advisor Book Blog – Day 8

Time Out?

These are one of those times that I get to be very vulnerable in my Personal Blog because I’m having second thoughts about my 60 day goal to write a book given;

– To meet this goal it will take writing 30 pages per week and week one is almost over.

I only have a few other significant projects that are underway that are all important tasks that include;

– 12 Day E-Course – weekly writing
– CE Credits – application
– Display Booth Banner, Signage & Sponcor – subcontract design
– Marketing Plan – continue to tweak plan
– Speaking Folio – update
– Web Site – update

The most important;

– Sellout my practice
– Over service my clients

So before I take a Time Out I’m going to take a look at a couple of things.

I have no idea how many words my book requires per page. I have two articles that are written that will serve as the Introduction and Chapter One so I will import these articles into the book software and see how many pages I actually have. Of course these pages will require some editing.

The answer to the above is 11 pages. This is far from the 30 pages per week that it will require to write the book in 60 days or 8 weeks.

Given this, it is time to be more realistic and recalibrate the goal to 90 days or 12 weeks divided by 250 pages equals 20 pages per week.

Do you know what, based on the above number and what else I have on my plate –

Here is a reality pill taken in public –

150 days or 20 weeks divided by 250 pages equals 10.5 pages per week.

So cheers to having 11 pages completed in the first week and this is what I can handle.

The Abundant Advisor Book Blog – (Day 8 of Completing The Abundant Financial Advisor Book in 150 Days – April 4th – August 31st)