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The Abundant Advisor Book Blog – Day 7

The Abundant Advisor Book Blog – (Day 7 of Completing The Abundant Financial Advisor Book in 60 Days – April 4th – June 2nd)

The interesting thing about goal setting is that the focus is magnified as soon as you commit.

For me, as soon as I made a public commitment to writing The Abundant Advisor Book in 60 days, it became top of mind.

If you have been reading, I projected that the book would be 250 pages.

So as the end of the first week of my commitment draws near, I want to measure to see how I am doing because I have no idea.

It is about 8 ?Ǭ? weeks from April 4th – June 2nd so 250 pages divided by 8 ?Ǭ? weeks equals about 30 pages per week.

It will be interesting to see how I have done by midnight, April 11th.