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The 60 Things My Clients Want Most

I received the following list from the late great Thomas Leonard of Coach University back in 1996/1997. I thought that you might find value in it.

The 60 Things My Clients Want Most


Have a Successful Small Business
– Start a new business
– Increase profitability by 20-500%
– Increase sales by 50-1000%
– Develop a strategic and action plan
– Strengthen the internal management systems

Corporate Work
– Build co-operative culture of self-managing teams
– Establish 5-20 year vision, mission and strategies
– Train non-sales staff to sell, too (and enjoy it)
– Strategic repositioning in market/industry
– Double firm’s sales volume and profitability

– Develop a full, successful practice
– Develop a strong reputation, be known as a model
– Manage clients better
– Increase sales and profitability
– Recognise and eliminate high, hidden delivery costs

– Get trained and master the craft of coaching
– Develop a full, successful practice
– Grow through resistance, blocks, the unknowns
– Develop a strong reputation, be known as a model


Make and Keep More Money
– Start saving/investing 10-30% of income
– Get a handle on spending, lifestyle, habits
– Increase income by 20-200%
– Handle debt, financial problems, crisis
– Stabilize cash flow

Get More Done in Less Time
– Get focussed on what you most want to have
– Simplify your life, responsibilities, projects
– Automate systems for peak efficiency
– Permanently eliminate inventory of to-do lists
– Reduce the shoulds, coulds, oughtas in life

Communicate Much More Effectively
– Say everything I need to; nothing withheld
– Motivate others better (by speaking in messages)
– Respond better, in-the-moment (by hearing it all)
– Be able to ask more for what you want
– Ask the right questions

Feel Better Physically and Emotionally
– Get your home, office, car in perfect order
– Recognise and eliminate any high, hidden “life costs”
– Establish a reserve of time, space, money and love
– Redesign eating and lifestyle habits
– Get personal needs met

Substantially Increase Quality of Life
– Establish the perfect balance home, work, play
– Reach Personal Attainments (100 available)
– Increase Personal Standards
– Strengthen professional network/personal community
– Have a whole lot more fun

Become Closer with Others
– Attract and deepen relationships with quality people
– Become more intimate with spouse and family
– Learn to enjoy people more
– Develop adult-adult relationships, nothing less
– Know what you want for others

Eliminate the Hassles of Life
– Stop suffering, tolerating, waiting, hoping
– Stop having problems (really)
– Calm down: Eliminate adrenaline, stress, rackets
– Get complete with past
– Extend boundaries

Get on a Path
– Develop your spiritual side/connection
– Discover personal mission, purpose, vision
– Reorient life exclusively around Tru Values
– Develop stronger relationship with Self/God
– Be internally peaceful