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The 4km Hill, Client Thoughts & Teleclass Follow Up

The 4km Hill

There are no fat old men – If it going to be it is up to me.

Here’s play by play of the “4km hill” on Monday’s 18km ride.

the ride 001.jpg
The Machine

the ride 002.jpg
The Beginning

the ride 003.jpg
The Middle

the ride 004.jpg
The Summit

the ride 005.jpg
The Sign I Was Looking For

Client Thoughts

Here are a few of the comments that we had on the Client Thoughts – the rest will trickle in over the course of the week.

Hi Simon: I like the idea of the random thoughts. It seems like a good way to reach all of us and assist us to sift through and take out what we like. I particularly like the “Vision without action…” thought. I have written it out and intend to use it as my mantra.

Hi Simon, I thought you should read this. “As life gets more frenzied, people are struggling to find balance and purpose. A coach simply helps you realize a more fulfilling and harmonious life, faster and easier.” – Dayton Daily News

Teleclass Summary

Here is a summary of the Free Teleclass that we had on July 11th, 2006

Please read though this document for the invitation and how to register for the July 18th and future Free Teleclasses.

In advance of the Free Teleclass, we sent out the following e-mail;

Dear Teleclass Participant,

In advance of the Teleclass …

You are invited to e-mail me your questions about the topics that you want to cover in advance of the Teleclass.

While I have an agenda for the call …

It is your call and you will get far more value by taking a few moments now to e-mail me a question or two about what you want to cover.

Best regards,


Foundation for the call;

I will cover the components that are required to build a step-by-step plan that will get you there quickly, clearly define success for yourself, and get you where you want to be once and for all so that you can systematically deal with the following;
– No Vision For The Future
– Expectations Are Set Too Low
– Lack Of Direction
– Micro Managing
– Too Many Balls In The Air
– High Stress, Too Many Surprises
– Trying To Fix The Wrong Problem
– You Can’t Keep Pace
– The Team Is In Conflict
– Too Many Demanding & Unprofitable Clients
– Missing New Opportunities
– Wasted Energy & Time
– Burnout

Here is one of the responses that I received;

For me it probably is a lack of direction, too many balls in the air, wasted energy & time. I seem to have this battle between surviving today ( working on small not too promising clients) versus building on increasing my satisfaction and cash flow by pursuing more profitable venues. I used to have a small practice in _______________ with ____ some clients only and concentrated mainly on the high net worth ( $500,000 and up). This made me somewhat profitable in the 4th year. My marketing was basically being seen and well-known in the _________________ business community. Here I cannot afford this nor am I well known and respected here. I recently took the __________________ course and hoped to leverage this as well.

This was an excellent place to start.

Recommended Action In Point Form:

(please note that this is rough draft in point form of what was discussed on the call. if you want to receive a Free Audio for the Free Teleclass e-mail Laura with Free Audio Free Teleclass in the subject line at; lreilly@leadingadvisor.com)


– create a monthly budget – c/w opening balance, expenses, actual income and projected income (your goals), ending balance – know where you stand – get our of the survival based mind
– create a reserve of 25,000 – 50,000
o borrow
o invest from savings
o sell an asset

Manage your time – objective

– write a vision of where you want to be in 1, 3 & 5 years
– set 90 day goals
– stop – make a list of the incompletions that you have – prioritize, a-b-c, schedule the a’s for afternoons/evenings/weekends – when complete then get into the b’s
– pre-plan your day the day before
– wake up early
– start your day with prayer or meditation – clear your fears, become thoughtless, set your intentions
– acknowledge yourself for your many talents
– exercise and the beginning or the end of the day
– use the AM for calling

Manage your time – subjective

– write down all of your fears – get them out of your system – feel the pain – the dark night of the soul
– acknowledge yourself for your many talents


– make a list of all the clients and past clients that you know that you would consider to be high net worth clients
– what do they have in common / what kind of help do they need
– what are you good at / what do you know
– choose your area of areas of expertise
o write an informational newsletter on both direct mail or e-newsletter with information that serves that niche and financial advise
o tips for 50 – 60 year old entrepreneurs
o succession planning
o affluenza
o fulfilling retirement
– re-introduce yourself by direct mail or e-mail
– make calls to high net worth clients or to clients that can refer you – again, introduce yourself via direct mail & e-mail
– no matter where they are located
– use the referral script
– advise a marketing consultant asked you to talk to 10 of your best clients to ask the following;
o what do you like best about working with me?
o what do you get from working with me that you didn’t expect?
o who do you know that might appreciate the same kind of service that I offer?
o what associations do you belong to?
o do they bring in public speakers?
o who is the contact person?
– ask closing questions for an appointment – call them every 90 – 120 days – stay in touch
– create a seminar from the newsletters that you are writing and approach associations for speaking opportunities – have them fill the room – you will go broke filling the room yourself – remember give 10 x more value than your clients expect
– join specific associations where your clients and prospects hang out
– track your results

– acknowledge yourself for your results

Free Teleclass Invitation

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