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The 2nd Germiest Place On Earth


According to NBC News, an airplane toilet is the 2nd germiest place on earth next to the kitchen sink.

So given from last Sunday, March 16th to Thursday, March 20th I have had five flights to enable me to speak in Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon and no matter how hard I tried with my hygiene, I managed to end up with bronchitis … borderline pneumonia and I have been housebound since Friday, March 21st.

Thank God that I was booked off from Friday, March 21st – Wednesday, March 26th and I have one more day (Tuesday, March 25th) to recuperate.

Another blessing is that this is an easy week with Wednesday and Friday devoted to telephone coaching calls and Thursday brings yet another Buffer Day which I might turn into a day off.

Another blessing is that I am off the road from speaking for quite a number of weeks.

Another blessing is that we have had a better March than we had last year with business coming in from corporate speaking, live coaching days with our clients and referrals to one on one coaching.