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Thanksgiving – These Testimonials Make It All Worthwhile

I received the following unsolicited testimonials on Friday, October 5, 2007, in advance of the Canadian Thanksgiving Long Weekend. My client’s comments really help to make it all worthwhile.

“You know you were right! The first time we talked you explained that working with you would make me feel more clear, confident, more fulfilled – that everything is just happening easier. And…you were absolutely right – I do feel more clear, confident, and more fulfilled – that everything is getting easier.

I look forward to our next call – especially the part about “Let’s discuss inspiring your business.”

Edna Keep
Certified Financial Planner
Assante Financial Management
Regina, Saskatchewan

“There are very few people that I know in this world that can share what we talk about. That want to talk about this kind of stuff and take it even further by sharing the knowledge to grow through and beyond these issues.

To me, what you have is a very rare and special gift.

Thank you again and enjoy your Thanksgiving.”

Chris Morris
Morris Financial Services Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta