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Thank You Kim Black

Here we go again … It is 6am PST, 7am, MST and I’m in Edmonton speaking at 8am and the Power Point file that I am transferring to my Memory Stick to give to Pro-Seminars in Edmonton, AB will not open.

Do I dare call Kim Black in California to help me sort this out as it is 6am Kim’s time and it is very, very early?

Sure enough, Kim picked up and we wrestled around with the Power Point and could not get it to work. We agreed to take a look at when I get back to my home office. Thank you Kim Black for being there and giving it a shot.

So with my heart, mind and computer in tow, I plugged my computer directly into Pro-Seminars projector and we started and ended on time and the speaking is back into its true form as the results are exactly what I expected.

An excellent day at Leading Advisor.