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Thank You For Today’s Coaching Call

I always begin each e-mail follow up to a client call with thank you because I appreciate the opportunity to provide value to my clients.

Here are my thoughts from today’s call;

• Congratulations … you have bypassed the smaller local gigs and gone national.
• Complete your speaking folios and put these into the hands of influential people that know of association and company speaking gigs
• Write the draft intro letter to the accountants, meet with them to confirm that you have a great product for their clients and ask them for their input on the letter so that they could give it to their clients to introduce you. The letter could be turned into a dvd.
• The format of the letter could follow the presentations that you are creating for other cities.
• Your clients have a choice to sort out their plans now or not, leaving their incomplete succession plan for future generations to sort out … or not … do they want their legacy to be left in turmoil