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Testimonials from Advocis Sudbury

Testimonials from Advocis Sudbury – Sudbury, ON – November 18, 2009

“What energy and passion. I didn’t expect this feeling of inspiration.”
Dennis Peroni
HP Solutions Ltd.

“The whole presentation was very good and insightful. I learned a very different approach on how to grow my business.”
Robert Hétu
HP Solutions Ltd.

“I enjoyed Simon’ enthusiasm in the presentation as well as the acknowledgement and recognition we should give ourselves and others. “
Roland Lavoie
Investment Planning Counsel

“Simon touched exactly the type of negative chatter that I expose myself to. I have a new commitment to developing me.”
Scott Nairn
Sun Life Financial

“I liked the concept of ‘awareness’ and believe you are absolutely right in this direction. I wasn’t expecting this theme of awareness in your presentation. I’ve seen many presentations on business building that clearly miss this key point, you hit it right on.”
Debbie Slywchuk
Sawyer & Associates Financial Services

“Real eye opener, positive energy and very inspiring for my business.”
Heather Taropolsky
Sun Life Financial

“Very well organized, and well presented. Clear and concise. Simple ideas – yet often overlooked, great presentation.”
Rick Van Oort
Regent Financial Services Ltd.