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Testimonials From Advocis Calgary – March 19, 2008

“I really enjoyed the focus on core issues and my needs in the business, and how the focus on my thinking and how it influences my behavior and the outcomes within my business.”

“Enthusiasm and lots of common sense! Thanks for the reassurance that I’m doing some of the things right. I’m now 80 years old and enjoying a very successful practice – a reward of 54 years in the business. You would be terrific at the Banff School!”

“Topical and full of informative content, smooth, continuous and logical. An excellent presentation. I really liked the focus on the areas to improve and the framework you offered for implementing solutions.”

“You get into an area that is often overlooked and ignored. Great material. Thanks for the review of what we need to do more consistently.”

“Great enthusiasm and insight.”

“Your energy and passion really comes through when you present.”

“You have a different approach to change, and it was very insightful.”

“I love your energy, knowledge and dedication. A great presentation.”

“Good ideas about Values and Business Plans for the business. Also how to include staff in business plan and how to give them recognition, great material I can use now.”

“Good clarification of what values are versus unmet needs and how this affects my business. Your presentation was so much better than the usual presentations we hear.”