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Ten “Rs” Versus Thinking

In follow up to yesterday – Doug Knight agreed with me.

As you know I took the weekend as break and time for “no thought” or “no think”.

As I was “reflecting” it dawned on me that “thinking” could very well be based upon the unmet needs of the survival based ego mind and “reflecting” could be based on the values of the heart or soul or spirit so to speak.

The Ten “Rs” that relate to “Reflection” are;

1. Reflection
2. Review
3. Recognize
4. Refresh
5. Recharge
6. Rejoice
7. Reorganize
8. Rejuvenate
9. Restore
10. Revitalize

All of the above 10 “Rs” disconnect us for OCTD – that’s Obsessive Compulsive Thinking Disorder. If you think that OCTD had been actually labeled for diagnosis then maybe you are thinking too much! 🙂