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Telus Are Robbers!

With all the cross Canada activity that we have been doing we having been really racking up the long distance minutes.

Literally –

Yesterday we were talking from coast to coast – as far away as Prince Edward Island.

The activity comes with a price.

3500 long distance minutes of activity winds us up with a surprise long distance bill that is hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

When I called Telus to investigate they said – “Oh! You are on the wrong plan. You need to be on the XYZ Plan which gives you 2500 minutes for $29.95. (This way, with two outbound lines we can do the long distance for $60.00 per months versus a payment on a Ferrari.)

Of course Telus will not reverse the bills to the $29.95 plan for the past two months.

Isn’t it ironic that Google actually has a link to a Telus site that is labeled;

About TELUS | Public Policy | Scams, Slams & Fraud | Slamming …

TELUS, one of Canada’s leading telecommunication companies, provides a full range of … Complaints and information line 1-800-348-5358 or 613-997-4282 …