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Telling The Truth About A Slower Response To Our Speaking

It’s 1:30pm CDT on Wednesday, March 21st and I am heading to the Edmonton, AB airport to catch my flight home to Comox, BC via Calgary, AB.

As I neared the end of today’s 8am Edmonton, Pro-Seminars Presentation, I introduced a new PowerPoint slide that told the truth that we are experiencing a slower response at this time of year from prospective clients wanting to work with us as a result of hearing my presentation.

This is expanding on what I wrote about in yesterday’s Blog; No Jump Start Required

Here is the PowerPoint

When will your business require a Jump Start?


Perhaps not right after RRSP Season.

What about starting in April so that you lay the foundation for a strong summer that will continue through to next September and beyond?

I explained to the audience that we have been getting an excellent response from new prospective clients during the months of September – January and that I have noticed that the response has dropped off during the RRSP season.

I said that if the prospective client received value during my presentation and if they are thinking about wanting to work with me don’t put it off to “I’ll check out your web site” or “I’ll give you a call”. I requested that the prospective client check off the following box on our speaking response form;

____ Please contact me, I am ready to make changes in my business now!

The result … the response was right back to the same kind of response that we receive during the months of September – January.

You have to tell the truth and ask for what you want.