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Tearing The Power Point Apart


It’s 8am on Friday morning and I am writing this Blog a little late given that I write and publish my Blogs the evening before.

So today, Friday is my 3rd Product Development Day in a row.

I am investing the mornings in Product Development and the afternoons in things to do with managing the business.

Wednesday’s Product Development Day went extremely well with Assembling The Book, so well that we had a Leading Advisor Afternoon At The Beach.

Thursday’s Product Development Day was a little rough because I got up too early for whatever reason. I invested the morning in taking apart the Removing Your Roadblocks Power Point to bring it up to date as I have Speaking Presentations next week in Toronto & London. Getting started on this was rather sluggish. I suppose its because I have overhauled and reviewed the Power Point many many times and as I am writing this, I am now imagining that as I take it apart, it must feel like I am taking it apart on stage so that I am living the experience in the moment of delivering it and taking it apart and putting it together within the time allotment that I have. At the same time, I am cutting content and working on lasering in on one issue. I am also going to be turning the presentation into a workshop.

Without getting too heady, I am thinking that given I am creating extraordinary results for my clients on a one on one basis, then I am going to give it a go to work with some of the same systems in a group.

So we will se soon enough how it is going to work.

So at this juncture I am 40% of the way through the Power Point overhaul and review and I’ll use Friday afternoon to pack up my office for Sunday – Wednesday on the road.

Some other notables for this week are our August E-Newsletter went out yesterday and we are having conversations about speaking presentations for a large Advocis Chapter and The 2008 Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting.

So the next time you will hear from me in my Blog will be about musings about my travels to Toronto & London.