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Team Boundaries

– photo courtesy of; www.allposters.com

While you are very successful, the price of this is you are giving and giving and giving too much of your time and energy to everyone else and there is little time and energy left to yourself.

To get your need to be heard met, you have been using your assistant as a personal confident.

The business requires a leader that the team respects and will follow into battle, even when the decision may not make sense to the rest of team. The leader is respected and the actions to support the decisions are carried out.

The challenge with using your assistant as a personal confident is the healthy boundary that is required between the leader and the assistant is eroded by sharing ones most intimate personal details and a lack of confidence and respect in the leader soon follows.

The team requires a leader. If confidence and respect in the leader is lacking, team members, in order to get their needs met will often go to other members of the team sharing their concern about the leader, further eroding the confidence and respect for the leader.

You must learn to get your needs met and to clear your limiting beliefs & emotions and to fulfill yourself from the inside out in a healthy way.