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TD Mutual Funds – The Advisors Guide To Business Building – Volume 4

TD Mutual Funds just published Volume 4 of The Advisors Guide To Business Building. This issue’s focus is on Branding.

The Advisors Guide To Business Building – Volume 4 is an excellent guide to help you to lay the foundation for your brand and talks about both the “How” & the “Why”.

Here are some of my thoughts on enhancing the “Why” on building your Brand.

To set the stage you will need the following excerpts from The Advisors Guide To Business Building – Volume 4.

Page 4

Branding yourself by behaving in a consistent manner, providing consistent added value and delivering consistent messages, will help you build trust over time.

The first step towards personal branding is to define your unique value proposition.

Page 5

Personal branding is all about you. It’s your personality and communication style wrapped up with your business practices and service offerings.

The key to building a successful personal brand is to identify those existing impressions and then to take active steps to shape them until they match the image you want to convey.

“Creating your own personal brand will set you apart from your competitors, reflect your values, personality, talent and skill set, increase your credibility, establish your expertise, authority and value [and] attract your ideal clients effortlessly.”

Page 7

A business philosophy is a set of beliefs, values and attitudes about how you intend to run your practice. It may include your commitment to deliver exceptional service to clients and your attitude towards rewarding staff members for a job well done. It should also feature a code of ethics, because no one can afford to allow even a whisper of unethical behaviour to taint a financial advisory practice.

Now that some interest has been created, here is shameless plug as to “Why” you would want to clarify your Values & Behaviors to enable you to clarify your Values Based Brand versus a brand based upon Unmet Needs, Limiting Beliefs and Limiting Emotions.

With unresolved Unmet Needs, Limiting Beliefs and Limiting Emotions it is impossible to clarify your Values which are the foundation for your Brand.

Here are a few PowerPoint Slides from “Removing The Mental Road Blocks To High Productivity”.

Our Scientific Approach to Coaching is based upon Values & Behaviors Assessments. Through Values & Behaviors Assessments, the Leading Advisor Coaching Program helps our clients to understand and implement the Values & Behaviors that are required to renew and maintain sustainable and consistent success.

Through the Assessments we identify two important facets:

– “Values” are WHY, what motivates or what puts the thought in your mind to impel you to take action towards your goals. Through our research we have identified the Six Key “Values” of today’s most successful business people.
– “Behaviors” is the method “How” a person carries out that action.

Most people do not know:

– What their Values are
– What their Behaviors are
– They have conflicting Values and Behaviors
– The Values & Behaviors that are required for sustainable success
– The difference between a Value & an Unmet Need
– That Unmet Needs are the source of all Limiting Beliefs & Emotions


– Your values are worth discovering.
– Are the only sustainable basis for goal-setting.
– You are your values.
– Bring fulfillment.
– Are the source of all Positive Beliefs and Positive Feelings.

Unmet Needs:

– Unmet Needs dominate one’s life if not met.
– A need must be met, it’s not optional.
– When needs are satisfied, we can be ourselves.
– Needs are completely satisfiable.
– Are the source of all Limiting Beliefs and Limiting Emotions.

Most people in business are not aware of the “Values” that are required to be successful in today’s business world. They may not fully understand the source of what motivates them. Therefore, they may have inconsistent “behaviors” in taking action towards their goals. At the end of the day they experience conflict, inconsistency, lack of motivation and even worse, unfulfilled business and personal lives.

In summary this is “Why” it is so difficult for them to choose a Brand, a Niche, a Vision – staying stuck in the flavor of the month club.

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