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Taking A Holiday When We Are Really Busy, The Best Kind

Thank you to Neil Kellock for creating the opportunity to speaking at the Canada Life / IDC Education Day.

The feedback that I received from the presentation is at the bottom of this Blog.

The crowd was excellent and there was plenty of laughter. So much so that I will give the tape of the presentation to a virtual assistant so that they can listen to the tape and give me the times on the tape when all the laughter was going on … these clips will make a great mini-presentation.

I’m using this Blog to track the many things that I’m following up on in advance of Friday being our last day until March 4th.

You may think that this is a lot and it is. Remember, it’s 9am ET and I it is a travel day back from Toronto, ON and I will arrive in Comox, BC a 9pm ET tonight. I’m home Saturday and we fly to Maui on Sunday. Aloha until March 3rd.

• Send follow e-mails to clients
• Send a thank you e-mail to Neil Kellock
• Discuss the sales page copy for “The Circuit” product with Kim Black
• Ask Chris Barrow for advise about the sales page copy for “The Circuit” product
• Send the transcription of the Removing Your Roadblocks Speaking Presentation to the editor for the Removing Your Roadblocks Booklet / DVD
• Edit the menu for the Removing Your Roadblocks DVD
• Review Advocis CE Credit Application
• Write a Presentation for The Elite Advisor
• Work on new presentation titles and overviews for The Independent Financial Brokers and Pro-Seminars
• Bring forward the vision of hiring a Marketing Associate to market Corporate Speaking, Coaching, “The Circuit” and the Removing Your Roadblocks Booklet / DVD
• Web Site Main Page Edit
• Update Microsoft Tasks

Canada Life / IDC Education Day Testimonials

I understand now why it is so important to have a vision for my practice, the value of having a journal and looking back at my success over the last three years.

Your presentation and concepts and ideas are so real to our industry. I had a sense of rejuvenation and I am left truly inspired to empty my mind.

I truly get how roadblocks can really prevent you from succeeding and what important things that I should really be focusing on.

You gave us tips to use when we leave here. I have been to other presentations on the Law of Attraction, and I always enjoy hearing about LOA at any time. Thank you for sharing.

I really enjoyed your ‘scientific spin’ in your presentation, and also the information on the importance of having a Vision.

Thanks for explaining the importance of having a vision for my business. Your enthusiasm is fabulous.

You shaked and waked us up.

Awesome presentation and encouragement for what we are doing.

Thanks for making my thoughts organized and refreshed again. Now I know what I need to do, and what qualities I have to offer. I really enjoyed your insight into unmet needs and how that keeps me back from doing what I need to do to grow my business.

Great motivation – The Power of Being Positive. I really liked the piece you explained about giving thanks and inspiring your vision.

An eye opener presentation!

What I liked best about your presentation was the concept of unmet needs and their consequences – how it effects life and business.

I got inspired by the speaker and the presentation.