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Sunday Commuting

Yesterday was a 5am start to prepare for my flight to Toronto.

The preparation of computer and hard files along with packing took about two hours.

Next was a 1 hour, 16 km cycle that involved a lot of hill climbing on country roads through farms and forests.

Don’t go out just after sunrise was still on my mind. Laura mentioned that she was speaking with someone that said you have to watch out for cougars just after sunrise. The only thing that jumped into my path were a few rabbits. I’m still amazed at how much nature that we get to experience and ospreys and sea lions have joined the eagles, wood peckers and rabbits – now cougars – oh, my!

An 8am shower, getting dressed and zip up the luggage and it’s out the door for the airport.

Then a one hour flight to Calgary and a few hours in my Calgary office 🙂 at the airport gate seating area. All the comforts of a perfect office – Milestones for lunch, a desk with internet service for my laptop and Starbucks for Chai tea.

The time at the gate creates lots of time for project work and reading.

The flight to Toronto was the usual superb West Jet service, a call to my love Laura and then to bed at midnight Toronto time for my 10am speaking gig the next morning.