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Successful people do what the failures don’t

We’ve now been focusing on marketing our business building programs and professional speaking through the web site for a full 4 weeks and with this brings a new focus, routine and system to manage all of the great contacts and marketing actions that we are connecting with. This is also taking more energy at this stage so the weekend was a welcome break.

The Tour de’ Sea Wall continues with rides Saturday and Sunday. We didn’t ride on Friday because of the rain. We did very little on Friday evening and Saturday other than the bike ride. We had a great diner on Saturday evening at home and then we went for a walk for gelato and found our way to a smoke free pool room and shot about 4 games of pool. Laura is starting to get the hang of the game and made quite a number of excellent shots. We went for our bike ride on Sunday morning.

Regarding the Tour de’ Sea Wall – you’ll note that there are bike and pedestrian lanes and the bike lane is clearly marked and it is one way. Let me ask you? How often do you; Drive down the wrong side of the road? Stop without signaling? Turn without signaling? Stop in the middle of the road to take a picture? And the list goes on – 🙂

Due to the volume of things that are going on and that we want to take a long weekend at the end of July I went into my office on Sunday afternoon to get on top of my game for the week.

Sometimes you gotta do it. Wasn’t it the big guy with the teeth that said “Successful people do what the failures don’t”?

Onward, upward.