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Now I’m stretching as I’m realizing that I have been writing for days and days since last Monday, August 21st working on the Web Upgrade, September 1st E-Newsletter and the Book Introduction & Chapter 1 (which is the September 1st E-Newsletter), Pro-Seminars Las Vegas Power Point and CE Credits.

I was looking for a graphic on the web for stretching and ran across this beautiful painting called “Stretching”.

– photo courtesy of www.artmelissa.com

As I reflect back, I have over 60 hours of writing from 8am Monday August 21st to 9:30am Tuesday, August 29th which is when this Blog was written. That explains why I have a very stiff neck and shoulders.

Laura and I are going to take a break on Tuesday evening to go and see Little Miss Sunshine;


Here is the overview – it should be fun as it has a very high rating.

Meet the Hoover family: Olive, a seven-year-old, slightly pudgy, aspiring beauty queen; her father, Richard, a struggling motivational speaker who can’t help but push; and her mom, Sheryl, who has to bring her Proust scholar/brother, Frank, home after his failed suicide attempt. Frank has to stay with Sheryl’s Nietzsche-worshiping son, Dwayne, who has taken a vow of silence until he is old enough to be a fighter pilot. Then there’s Grandpa, recently kicked out of his nursing home for snorting heroin.

They are all forced to hop into the old VW bus to take Olive to the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant…