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Strategic Quitting – Postponing Unqualified Appointments


I am practicing Strategic Quitting as quoted in Seth Godin’s new book called “The Dip”.

I am quitting talking to prospective clients that request the opportunity to speak with me via one of our speaking presentations which we follow through and schedule. At the same time, we ask the perspective client to answer a view questions via e-mail in advance of the call and to confirm the call. And they don’t answer the questions or confirm the appointment.

This is the e-mail that we send 24 hours in advance of the appointment.

What kind of client will this person make if they can’t take 10 minutes to answer a few questions?

Subject Line: Appointment Postponement

Hi ____________,

Thank you for your request for a telephone appointment with me.

I’m writing in advance of the call that we have scheduled at # PDT / #am EDT on ____________, __________, _________.

Your telephone appointment will me will work best when you complete and e-mail back the questions that Laura Reilly sent you in advance of our telephone appointment. The answers to your questions help me to get associated to how I can best help you.

I’m e-mailing to postpone our appointment as we have not received the answers to your questions.

Laura will call you to re-schedule our telephone appointment once we have received the answers to your questions.

In the event that you truly wish to have the telephone appointment that we have scheduled for #am PDT / #am EDT on ________, _____, please e-mail me back to confirm your wish to have the telephone appointment.

Best regards,

Simon Reilly