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Stop Giving Your Advice Away

Dear Joe Advisor,

I was thinking about our conversation.

I understand that you are taking a stock course right now.

At the same time one of your biggest challenges is you are investing eighty percent of your time looking after C & D clients and receiving twenty percent of your income, while twenty percent of your time is being invested in A & B clients while receiving eighty percent of your income.

During our discussion, I explained that the unmet needs of approval, control, recognition, safety and worthiness can be a blessing and a curse.

These needs, like a grain of sand in an oyster provide the irritation and motivation to propel you to become a beautiful pearl after twenty five to thirty years in that you have taken and taken massive action to educate yourself and prospect a lot of client opportunities and thus you have become successful.

The only challenge is you cannot meet an unmet need outside of yourself through clients, designations, education, money, staff … there always seems like there is something missing.

You must learn to meet the unmet need from within which will allow you to let go of the addiction to trying to get your unmet needs of approval, control, recognition, safety and worthiness through your C & D clients.

As you approach the completion of your stock course, this is a perfect time to start your work with me to get your unmet needs met and eliminate your limiting beliefs – that you don’t have enough time and that you don’t know enough – which all fuel limiting emotions of anxiety and fear. Remember, thoughts are real forces and you will continue to attract what you think about and emotional energy to.

With these incomplete unmet needs you will likely create another coping mechanism for your unresolved unmet needs and unconsciously go out to all of your C & D clients, giving and giving and giving trying your best to meet your unmet needs of approval, control, recognition, safety and worthiness through your clients investing more and more of your time to prove that you are good enough giving away what you have learned in your stock trading course.

I recommend doing whatever it takes to eliminate these unmet needs allowing you to implement the following language;

“I have just completed a new investment course and I am providing a new “Investment Implementation Program” for my best clients and the fee is $2500.00 per year.

I appreciate that I have provided you with financial planning in the past for free and we do this for our clients to get them started.

What we really want to do for our clients is create value for them and receive value for our service in kind.

Would you like to hear more about our Investment Implementation Program?”

I think that we should start your coaching program sooner rather than later because the small amount of time that you invest now will save you years of wasted energy and time and effort to meet and exceed your goals through unqualified C & D clients.

With respect,

Simon Reilly