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Stick With Your Day Job; It May Take You 20 Years To Find Another

Dear Simon,

Here is something I need your insight into helping me to understand myself.

Sometimes I picture myself helping a lot people via public speaking like with their self confidence and/or with their belief systems. Helping them to understand they have the ability to all be happy, healthy and wealthy.

I don’t see myself ready to do this in the near future but I wonder to myself if this is something that I will be doing in the future.

Dear Client,

You could be doing this in the future. At the same time I would stay within the financial advisor genre that you are in versus the potential of getting into professional development.

A lot of people get into coaching or speaking because their ego mind tricks them into it because, rather than the ego doing the work that the ego needs to do to heal, the ego gets the person into personal development helping others and this becomes a distraction from the work that they need to do for themselves, doing work for other people. The only challenge … a client will bring you something that you have dealt with, something you are dealing with or something that you have never dealt with … which will bring the coach or the speaker to the point where they need to do their own work or get out of coaching or speaking.

At the end of the day, you are an outstanding financial advisor and it has taken you the best part of twenty years to get to where you are in your business … don’t get into personal development unless you have twenty years to invest.