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Staying On Toronto Time

6pm signing off. A successful PowerPoint day.

It’s now 8:50am. Cycle, cardio, workout, shower, fruit for breakfast, a business meeting with Laura – all completed and it is back the PowerPoint.

It’s now 7am. Well on my way to overhauling the PowerPoint. Time to go and do the 16km cycle – there are no fat old men.

It is 4:30am on the west coast as I write this and I’m choosing to stay on Toronto time. I’m offering this for a couple of reasons. One is demonstrate that if you really want to get something done that you are really committed to, you must make the time. The other is I am committed to creating an enhanced PowerPoint Presentation for Friday’s Advocis Kelowna Education Day Presentation. I’m getting so much great feedback from the current PowerPoint, I want to go from great to outstanding – the message must be delivered – the audience is waiting, ready and listening and looking for the catalyst for change. Another is I have a reasonably full day of coaching ahead of me and Thursday is a traveling day – so when will it get done? Why didn’t I do this before? Because I have new inspiration from my Toronto trip and it is time to go to the next level.

More on the inspiration later.

Dan Zwicker shared another e-mail that is really worth the read. It is a pleasure to receive such a learned, wise and experienced response.

Tue 4/25/2006 10:43 AM

Simon, thanks for your reply and very kind comments.

The transition from transactional ‘sales’ to relationship (trust) driven, lifetime needs focused financial solutions has been at least 20+ years in the making. The marketplace today is ready but the industry is still stuck in variations of the old model. The hope is that the demographics of the marketplace (boomers) and seniors will bring the same dramatic change by virtue of their respective sizes and unique needs as they each have to other major economic sectors, e.g. housing, mutual funds, RRSP’s+++.

I’ll be in touch after I have a handle on the material you will be sending.

Your blog is very friendly and engaging. I enjoyed it.