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Staying Awake


Traveling since last Sunday with 2 speaking presentations in between, back to back coaching calls along the way and finishing the week with coaching calls for today all make for a very busy and successful week and it is important for me to stay awake today and over the weekend.

Staying awake today is;

• Client calls and correspondence are complete
• Client filing complete
• Business filing complete
• Desk and office clean and tidy
• Plan for next week complete
• Give thanks for the weeks accomplishments

Staying awake over the weekend is;

• Plan the weekend for reflection, rest and play

This week will total 77 hours of travel, coaching and speaking and while it has not all been intense work, it would be really easy to fall asleep, get today’s appointments out of the way and leave everything asunder.

This means a lot of incompletions and I choose not to start next week incomplete from last week.

Successful people do what the failures don’t.

– photo courtesy of; http://www.gigglepoetry.com/poem.aspx?PoemID=108&CategoryID=9