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Speaking To 600 Financial Advisors – A Right Of Passage

Completing the Web Site Upgrade, September 1st E-Newsletter, Book Introduction and the excellent reception from the participants at the Las Vegas Pro-Seminars all feel like “a right of passage” and my Vision is becoming more brilliant by the moment. I still have gigs to complete in Edmonton, Richmond & Grandprairie this month and by month end I will have spoken to 600 financial advisors in 5 weeks.

My Vision is to inspire financial advisors through;

– completing my book by the end of this year creating book sales of 1000 copies per month by the end of 2009
– presenting and being paid “4 figures per” to speak to three audiences per month
– working with 20 committed clients
– presenting 1 – 2 in house workshops per month

Actions steps;

– Complete speaking CD/DVD
– Attract sponsors for the book and speaking presentations
– Create a book cover and mini book to present to sponsors
– Keep writing

Laura and I are taking Thursday and Friday off to see the Las Vegas sites. The internet connection / band width in this hotel rates with the “string and a can telephone” that I played with as a child so I am holding off pics and comments about our personal time in Las Vegas until I get back home where I can upload pics and links quickly.