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Speaking Testimonials – IFB Toronto Summit – Toronto, ON – November 2, 2006

Here are the “Removing Your Roadblocks” Testimonials that we received from the Independent Financial Brokers Summit in Toronto, On, November 2, 2006.

For the full list please click “Removing Your Roadblocks” Testimonials.

“You are an excellent good idea-giver. Best speaker I have ever heard – 40 years of insurance meetings – no question! Realizing who I am – really fun to understand you; great teacher!”

“High energy – good common-sense business presentation.”

“Relevant to today’s issues, concerns in the world and the problems facing Financial Advisors today but also recognize the opportunity available to those who seek it. How world events can immobilize you and cause you to lose focus on what’s important.”

“Very thought-provoking. I would like to implement my top values and create my own brand. The concept of unmet needs and its impact on our behavior was an eye-opener.”

“Questionnaire hits home. . . on target. Something more than a mindless outburst of enthusiasm.”

“The speaker’s enthusiasm and high energy presentation was inspiring. I could relate to the stories and examples Simon presented. The knowledge that I have to have values, mission and purpose. The urgent need to have a vision.”

“Simon is to the point. Now I am examining my own practice.”

“The presentation made me realize the shortfalls in my business and the changes required. Very intrigued by the Behavior Study.”