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Speaking Rule #738 – Don’t Be The Opening Speaker When It Snows

7am outside of the Quality Suites on Carlingview Drive at the Toronto Airport.

The brave souls that did make it for the start of my 8am presentation … the good news was that the room was 90% full by the end of the presentation.

More good news … I gave another solid, not miss a beat presentation on top of all of the distractions that we going on as the members of the audience streamed in during my presentation. This was echoed by Tom Miller, the President of Pro-Seminars as he said; “your speaking is solid, consistent, each point connects with the next, there are no pauses or ahs along the way”. Thank you Tom.

It’s 7:45am PT … My flight left Toronto yesterday on time at 3pm ET … I got delayed by 1 ½ hours in Calgary as the origin of my flight home to Comox originates in Halifax so by the time I got to bed it was 1am ET … I still got 7 hours of sleep! 🙂

Now for two days of coaching calls and then it is the weekend!!