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Speaking from 35,000 feet and Questions from a Prospective Client

Located the public speaking coach that I believe I will hire. We have an orientation meeting set up for Monday April 4th.

The public speaking coach’s orientation survey has confirmed that I am in the right place.

My original vision was to get out there and speak to introduce the web site and e-newsletter.

I can already see a new, clear public speaking vision from 35,000 feet that includes things that I had not even thought of; demo video, fees, integrating the speech with a book or specific product, packaging of demo tapes, speakers bureaus, staff training etc.

You know what? This coaching idea is a good one.

I had a call from a prospective client asking –

Client: I am thinking of making a move to a new financial service firm.

Answer: It is April and there are three good months of sales (April, May & June) until the summer months when things can slow down. It always takes time to go through a transition. One does not go from one firm to another and instantly start to create sales. One must allow for the transition and reorientation which will take the best part of April, May & June and then one will hit the slower months of July and August. So the real question is can you afford the income loss of April to August?

Client: I am looking for someone to help with paperwork and to do some sales.

Answer: Don’t waste your time looking for this person. If they exist, they are already in business for themselves. A person either has the values and behaviors to be an effective salesperson or they have the values and behaviors to be an effective assistant. It is rare to possess both and even if they do, it will be short lived. Step one is hire an effective assistant which will allow you more time to sell. Step two is get out there and sell – you are the best salesperson. Step three is when the workload becomes too much for the assistant, hire them an assistant.

I’m off to Vancouver Island for a 3 day weekend. I’ll be back Monday.