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Speakers Crossing Paths

Robert Gignac and I at the Calgary airport.

Robert Gignac, speaker and author of Wealth Is A State Of Mind was gracious enough to pick me up at the hotel were I spoke at The Calgary Independent Financial Brokers Summit. Robert drove me to the airport so that we could catch up and talk about some speaking marketing strategies that we are working on. We met in London, Ontario at a Pro-Seminars Event in 2006, saw each other speak at Pro-Seminars Las Vegas in 2007, have a telephone conversation from time to time to share ideas about speaking and we have become friends along the way.

Robert had just completed a presentation to Investors Group in Calgary and he was on his way to Canmore, AB to speak at The Advocis Sales Congress. Robert is a Canadian and he currently lives in Switzerland and he is making me look lazy with is seven or so cross Canada speaking presentations in as many days. Good luck to Robert with his speaking presentation to The Advocis Sales Congress!

Click here to read about Wealth Is A State Of Mind which is an excellent read about a slightly dysfunctional family trying to make sense of financial planning.

I’m very pleased with my speaking results at The Calgary Independent Financial Brokers Summit because my presentation was well attended and we received;

• Subscribers for my Removing Your Roadblocks E-Newsletter
• Requests from financial advisors who are interested in becoming a client
• Leads for additional speaking presentations

What is most pleasing is I seem to have my Speaking Mojo is back after fighting the airplane bronchitis and mild pneumonia that I picked up this winter.

In fact I’m pleased to say that my Cycling Mojo is back too as I have cycled three days out of four so far this week as I have not been on the bike since mid February. The good news is my core strength is still there and it is as if I had never stopped cycling.

Friday is another Buffer Day for me to complete my planning process with renewed Mojo as I am working towards creating a False Winter In Our Business … more on that another time.