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Sometimes I Have To Stop and Do What Seems To Be $20.00 Per Hour Work


Sometimes I have to stop.  Sometimes you have to stop.


Before I get into this Blog I want to share with you how many people I see that are running so fast and they are so far behind that they think that they are first.


In short, they are addicted to getting their unconscious unmet needs met of approval and safety because they don’t dare stop because if they did, then who would they be?


I ask the question “what time do you get up in the morning”.  Oh … 7:30am, 7:45am.  This is because they don’t go to bed until after 11pm because they watch the NEWS.


Without realizing it, they use the NEWS as a coping mechanism because while they are looking at other people’s problems, they justify that their life isn’t so bad rather than getting on with their vision and goals.


What is your practice to build a strong practice?


  • Do you rise early?
  • Do you create quiet time for yourself at the beginning of the day?
  • Do you give thanks at the beginning of the day?
  • Do you plan your day in advance?
  • Do you review your appointments and projects for the day and eliminate any negative thoughts that may be related to these?
  • Do you write intentions for each appointment and project?
  • Do you give thanks during and at the end of the day?

Today’s Blog 

Yesterday was a day where I made a choice to stop and spend some time to get reorganized versus making it happen.  This was created because we had some foresight to book some space in my calendar after being on the road since January 7th.

While I take good care of myself while on the road to take time for drinking water, journaling, meditation, taking vitamins and working out, the road can still take its toll creating an unsettled feeling after being in so many locations in a short period of time.


Sometimes I have to stop and do what seems to be $20.00 per hour work and the list includes;

  • Unpacking my computer equipment and files
  • Getting re-settled in my office
  • Downloading my journal notes into my planning software to re-categorize, prioritize and schedule and delegate
  • Change my voice mail message

How do I find the time?  I don’t.  I make the time.


Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man, happy, healthy and wise.