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So You Want A Web Site?

Are you committed or interested? We’ve just passed into the third year of producing and enhancing our web site and the January 2007 E-Newsletter is going out as we speak. Thanks again to Kim Black who continues to create outstanding work as we collaborate to make our web site the best it can be. We are starting to attract clients from the United States and someone subscribed from Smith Barney today. So, are you committed to building a web site? Here is a updated list of our Web Site Projects; 

Big Projects 

  • Pictures Source
  • Create Book Cover – The Secret To Removing Your Roadblocks To Success
  • Show Reel 3 Minute  – Kim to ID video from TV, add to Show Reel & Reduce to 3 Minute
  • Post 3 Minute Show Reel on Main Page
  • Post Show Reel Page in Speaking Section
  • Post 10 minute Show Reel as part of Removing Your Roadblocks PDF and Workbook Product
  • Streaming Video – Update with new video clips
  • DVD labels
  • Produce DVD – 3 minute or 10 minute
  • Post Speaking Locations Page in Speaking Section as per e-mail that I sent
  • Post 31 Secrets To Success In 2007 In Free Article Section as per e-mail that I sent
  • Products Landing Page – continue with all product copy and icons
  • Convert To Constant Contact
  • Spring Web Banner Photo

  Misc Incompletions 

  • Intake Form will not go through
  • There are only three Coaching Drop Downs from the Resources Section
  • There are only three Coaching Drop Downs from the Speaking Page
  • There is Code showing up on the Blog & Web Site
  • The Search Engine on the Resources Section had the Old Banner
  • 7 Actions – change to 2007
  • Teleclass remove
  • Add Copyright for 2007

 Input Required; 

  • Post Sales Philosophy Page
  • Edit Main Page and relating pages to include 2 Month Product
  • Speaking Page Testimonials Add
  • Product Page Client Testimonials
  • Resources Page continued development;  Conferences, Industry Alliances, Industry Articles, Newsletter Archives, Recommended Reading
  • Web Site Page Internal Links
  • Viral Marketing
  • Ad Words

 On Hold; 

  • Coaching GYM (Coaching GYM recommendations from Kim)
  • Video Blog