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Smells like victory

“I love the smell of a good e-marketing, marketing and sales plan in the morning!” 🙂

Laura, Kim and I continued our work on the e-marketing plan through a review, update and action.

We discussed that the outcome that we want to create is 4000 E-Newsletter readers by April of 2006.

Given that attraction based effortless enrollment in a program is 1%, this would mean 4000 E-Newsletter readers would create 40 enrollments.

Attraction based effortless enrollment is created by offering potential clients 10 x more that they expect for free through the web site & e-newsletter. Remember clients will purchase when they know you, respect you, like you, receive value, and when they are ready.

The untitled year long program consisting of quarterly workshops, teleclasses, e-coaching and more will start in September of 2006.

We will launch the program in April of 2006.

Not counting May, this gives us 11 months to create 4000 e-newsletter readers and this equals 363 readers per month or 12 readers per day.

Again this will be done by;

– Investing in Pre-Qualified Data Bases for E-Marketing
– Posting our Articles and Web Site to Complimentary Article Banks, Blogs, E-Zines & Web Sites
– Building Joint Venture Value Added Relationships
– Pay per click

Kim is now number crunching to come up with a mathematical plan on how to do this through SEO, PPC, CRM –

Confused with the acronyms? Me too. Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click and Customer Relationship Management just to name a few.

We wrapped our discussion with how we are going to manually approach Event & Meeting Planners through our Telephone & E-mail Contact c/w Cover Letter, One Sheet, Speaking Topics, Topic Outline, Availability & Fee Sheet.

The day was topped off by -.

As Laura started researching and cross referencing “Meta Tags” that relate to Financial Advisor related web sites that include Article Banks, Blogs, E-Zines & Web Sites Laura exclaimed “I can’t believe the number of opportunities that are out there for us!”

Meta Tags are code that search engines use to find your site.