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Small RRSP Potatoes


“RRSP’s! RRSP’s! RRSP’s! I’ve got to make those calls! I’ve got to keep calling and calling and calling”, thought James.

James took a break from calling for his 1pm coaching call with his coach.

His coach asked about the calls that he was making for RRSP’s. “If we used the analogy of large, medium and small potatoes, what size are the RRSP calls in respect to the size of a potato?”

James said, “Small.”

The coach asked, “How many times have you attempted to contact these clients about RRSP’s?”

James replied, “I have sent them two e-mail reminders and call them twice and left messages.”

The coach asked, “Are these clients respecting your value, are they qualified and are they a good use of your time?”

“No”, replied James.

The coach said, “I believe that world is a very abundant place. I believe that there is a shortage of qualified financial advisors. I believe that you are vessel through which all communication flows. I believe that if you, the vessel is filled with busy work chasing people about RRSP’s that don’t respect you enough to return your calls, let alone so other business with you then you will not attract any other more qualified business like life insurance or mutual funds”.

There are bigger and better opportunities for you, but you will only receive a few of them when you are too busy majoring in minor things.