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Slow Start Sunday …

A room with a downtown 18°C Toronto, ON view in the background.

While this Radisson Airport Hotel is miles away from Toronto, the good news it is right next door to The Toronto Congress Centre where the IFB Summit is going be held on Tuesday & Wednesday.

I arrived in my Toronto hotel room at 6pm ET on Saturday, unpacked, had dinner and watched a no-brainer, good versus evil Die Hard 4 movie with Bruce Willis & Justin Long. I believe that Justin is the actor in those fantastic Apple Commercials that plays the young Steven Jobs look alike with the young Bill Gates look alike. I like Bruce Willis and Justin played well against Bruce’s macho tough as nails with a heart of gold character.

My energy was quite low on Sunday morning after going flat out since 4am PT on Monday, October 15th with coaching calls and e-mail, power point updates, travel and organizing along the way.

I spent most of the day on a few errands, resting and then I did about 45 minutes of cardio to get the system going again.

I planned to continue working on my book on Sunday and sure enough I finally got back in the groove about 2:30pm ET and I plowed right through until about 7:30pm. My next opportunity to work on the book will not be until Thursday on my flight home from Toronto.

Monday includes a partial day of coaching calls, a review of my Power Point for the 2 speaking presentations that I am doing for The Independent Financial Brokers Summit on Tuesday & Wednesday and my plans for the speakers and trade show booths that I wish to attend at the Summit as I am researching speaking opportunities, sponsors and strategic alliances.