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Skeletons In The Closet = Eliminating Tolerations

– photo courtesy of forbes.com

I’m off the road until October 30th and I’m noticing that I have a growing list of Tolerations. My list of Tolerations is at the end of this e-mail.

Tolerations cause us grief, distract us from our vision, waste a lot of time and energy and they keep us from growing. When we fix tolerations we lighten up and have time for more important things.

We have been taught not to complain and in the process, a lot of things get set aside and swept underneath the rug. It’s like skeletons in the closet, you just keep putting them in the closet over and over again and sooner or later they all fall out on top of us.

Tolerations provide us with dysfunctional energy as we gain energy from complaining about them and never doing anything about it. It’s “the world is doing it to me again”!

It is time to take action!


– Upgrade cell phone to improve battery life
– Upgrade notebook to include tablet pc and improve battery life. Order case, second battery and stylus pen. Install software; Maximizer, Microsoft Office, Mind Genius, Set up Network
X Complete computer software adjustments
– Create more disk space for e-mail program
– Reconfigure Palm Pilot and purchase stylus
– Complete on old computer lease
– Hire a new bookkeeper/accountant
– Clean up office desk, books and files
– Fix Laura’s desk
/ Update Values & Behaviors Assessment technology


/ Repair second set of glasses
X Eliminate one-way friendships
– Re-organize closet from summer to winter clothes
– Get flu shots


– Incomplete
/ Started
X Complete

Completing this list will allow the clarity to create a 2007 business plan.

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