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Shirt Systems and TV Spots

First of all –

As Duncan passed this on to me – Enjoy the season of renewal, and growth … Happy Easter.

I’ll be back on Monday.

Started yesterday just mildly pissed off at my drycleaner for shrinking yet another shirt – so I thought. With the working out I have gone to a 17 ?Ǭ?” collar and 37″ sleeve and I have to go to Seattle to get selection and color or they have to be hand made. The drycleaner has instructions to hand wash and iron the shirts and they have finally gotten it after shrinking about three of them. I said to Laura, look at this! They have done it again, the sleeves are too short and I can barely button the collar and I have TV filming to do! And this was the blue shirt that I wanted for the camera work. Yes I have a high aesthetic value. So I chose another blue shirt and all was well.

I thought! How can I create a system for this? Simple, have 2 or even 3 colors of the same shirts all hand made so that I’ll have at least one at home when others may be at the cleaners.

Later that day, I had a call from the drycleaners to tell me that I had the wrong shirts and that they belong to a customer with the same last name. Same last name, same shirts – wrong size – go figure. I guess that is OK that there isn’t two of me walking around.

Went into the TV studio to shoot the 30 second spots and pleased that I have camera experience. To put this in perspective, when we finished one of the camera people said “we are only 29 minutes into tape one – long is when we get into tape six and it happens.” That made me feel great – another milestone!