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Sharing The Joy & Giving Thanks

I’ve been working at my desk since about 6:15am on Saturday morning reviewing and updating my planning process given that I have been on the road from Sunday – Thursday and Friday was full day of coaching clients.

I’ll be back on a plane on Sunday flying to Calgary, AB to speak at Pro-Seminars in Calgary, AB and to meet with Desjardins Financial Services to discuss some speaking opportunities. Don’t worry; Laura and I are going to Hawaii in February so I have permission to go flat out.

I am feeling a lot of joy and am giving thanks for an absolutely outstanding week that included;

• Working from a 90 day plan that Laura and I created the previous week
• Laura doing an outstanding job to run her end of the business
• Laura and I both experiencing computer problems and Simon Parsons worked long and hard at finding the solutions to getting us up and running so that we can run the business while I am on the road
• Creating a brand new power point to start 2008 with a bang which I was still working on in the back of a taxi at 8pm on Monday night, the night before the presentation
• Having the blessing of working with many outstanding clients that invest the time to take a deep look at themselves to strengthen themselves from the inside out who are receiving incredible results in return
• Traveling Sunday – Thursday and adding an extra day because the aircraft could not land on Wednesday night due to fog and snow – arriving home safe on Thursday night
• Kim Black has just completed combining the audio and powerpoint of a Removing Your Roadblocks Presentation for The Independent Financial Brokers Association that I did back in October of 2007 and I’ve just looked and listened to a few minutes of it and I am looking forward to giving it to my one on one coaching clients and as a free upgrade to the clients that purchased the Removing Your Roadblocks E-Book and Power Point Presentation. This will also be the catalyst to create a Mini-Book while “The Book” is being written.
• Receiving an invitation from Canada Life to be the closing speaker at one of their events

… and there is lots more!