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Setting The Stage For Tomorrow’s Pro-Seminars Toronto Presentation

I’m writing this blog entry at 8:55pm EDT sitting in bed with my laptop after a long and successful day working with my clients over the telephone from my hotel room.

It was great to reconnect with all of my clients after the holiday break and after reviewing all of their files to get re-associated and refocused on their success. Many of my clients are come out of the gate with early success and are reflecting back on the goals that they set for 2007 back in December of 2006 and they are thinking that their goals are set too low.

Tomorrow is my first presentation of Removing Your Roadblocks To Success for 2007 and we have been setting the stage for certain success.

Setting the stage started inadvertently during the holidays while I was creating a 10 minute DVD presentation of Removing Your Roadblocks To Success to use to market our Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentation to Financial Associations & Companies. Creating the DVD required reviewing a 1 hour DVD of my presentation frame by frame to choose the video clips that we wanted to include in the 10 minute DVD. Kim Black completed the DVD combined with Power Point Slides and a Musical Score and you view the DVD by clicking here Removing Your Roadblocks To Success.

Reviewing the 1 hour DVD of my presentation frame by frame also caused me to review and refocus the order in which I delivered the material in my presentation.

I also took a sidebar and completed the Table Of Contents for the Removing Your Roadblocks To Success Book.

The Sunday flight here for my Tuesday Presentation also helped to set the stage because I invested the flight time to reorganize my Removing Your Roadblocks To Success Power Point Presentation based on what I learned creating the 10 minute DVD.

Writing the 31 Secrets To Your Success In 2007 Article inspired me to remember the value of positive vision, words and feelings to intend on and influence a positive future outcome to a vision, goal or event.

At the same time I’m reminded of John Kehoe’s quote “thoughts are real forces”. If thoughts are real forces, then words must be real forces.

I indulged in thinking of every empowering word that I could think of and wrote them into an affirmation for tomorrow’s presentation.

While I visualize and hear and feel myself delivering an animated, composed, confident, energetic, fulfilling, helpful, inspired, relaxed, sensitive, upbeat and wonderful presentation I request that the members of the audience see, hear and feel the Removing Your Roadblocks To Success Presentation and as a result they are encouraged, enthused, excited, exhilarated, intrigued, moved and stimulated to make positive changes to both their business and personal lives.