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September 26th, 2006 Advocis Grande Prairie Public Speaking Testimonials

The Removing Your Roadblocks Public Speaking Presentation went exceptionally well for the Tuesday, September 26th, Grande Prairie, AB Advocis Educational Event and here are the testimonials.

“Your material is so relevant to our industry. Relevant and thought provoking.”

“You spoke about many of the things that I need to work on in my business. Your presentation was great, I really needed to hear your message.”

“You clarified how my moving my business ahead is going to require a ?¢‚’new’ approach.”

“Good information and I’m looking forward to getting the additional information from you, and I will apply it to my business. You showed me how to look at my problems with my business from a different angle.”

“Your insight as to how to inspire myself was very helpful. I want to become inspired about my business again.”

“The cycle of motivation and how fear dominates us, and how unmet needs dominate values and how this affects my business was very interesting.”

“You are very inspiring.”

“Brought very important ideas forward, and your presentation is a great reminder of what I can do in my business.”

“It’s all about my belief system. I must review my list of values on a consistent basis as they have possibly changed over the years.”