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Sense & Nonsense

While speaking with a client that was in overwhelm today, I reminded them that they have the gift of Sense and that they must do everything in their power to regain and maintain that Sense.

Not Common Sense. The ability to Sense what their clients needs are through client communication and following this, make recommendations to their clients based upon their expereince and Sense.

When my client is in overwhelm it is very difficult for them to connect to the Sense that they have.

In fact, when they are in overwhelm, they are more prone to succumb to the limiting beliefs that wander around in their dysfunctional ego mind.

Thus, these limiting beliefs, taking a play on words, create Nonsense that gets in the way of their Sense when they don’t take the time to;

– Plan their day the night before
– Plan for quite time at the beginning of the day to;
– Meditate / Pray
– Clear limiting beliefs
– Set the intention for the outcomes that they want to achieve that day

Part of my client’s overwhelm is being created by trying to do money making activity appointments with clients and prospects while trying to do preparation activity for business, all in the same time frame.

My message to my client is to look at their calendar ASAP and create a full day or two of completing the preparation activity.

This will help them to regain the focus and Sense that they require.

– photo courtesy of www.colinwest.com

This will also eliminate the Nonsense created by their dysfunctional ego mind.

For after all, the dysfunctional ego mind is just The Big Book of Nonsense. 🙂