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Selfish Blogging Or Stop Blogging?

– photo courtesy of www.newhopechurch.ca

There are many, many, many types of Blogs.

In my books my Blog is both a Business & Personal Blog.

This segways into the notion that clients will buy from you when they like you, know you, respect you, trust you, when they get value and most important, when they are ready.

This reminds me of our newest client. He saw me speak 10 YEARS AGO. Then he saw me speak 90 days ago and we have kept in touch with the Blog and E-Newsletter.

If a reader likes the Blog then they are welcome to subscribe to my free E-Newsletter. The E-Newsletters are filled with outstanding articles that follow the Leading Advisor Coaching Program and are well worth the reader’s time.

So that explains the theory behind the writing – both the Blog & E-Newsletter.

The time investment into Blogging and the writing time that is required for my Web Site Upgrade & Book has had me seriously think about stopping the Blogging for a while so that I can invest the time into the Web Site Upgrade & Book.

We finally got around to adding a “Categories” Section in the Blog that can be searched in the right hand side of this Blog menu.

I got to thinking that I could do two things at once;

– Write the Web Site Upgrade & Book
– Continue Blogging

I have added the following Categories into the “Categories” Section;

– Writing – Book
– Writing – Book – Cover
– Writing – Web Site
– Writing – Web Site – Main Page

These Categories will build as I write the Web Site Upgrade & Book

This all may sound very selfish and it is. I must become more time conscious in order to complete the business development projects that I have. Then I can switch to more client centered Blogging.

Simon Reilly
The Financial Advisor Coach