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Self Coaching

Note to self. Given that I wear Transitionary Lenses, don’t walk outside and stand in the sun just before I speak because the lenses turn dark to suit the sun conditions. No sense in looking like Roy Orbison, RIP.

It’s 11:30am MST and I am flying home from Calgary, AB.

Yesterday’s work was wrapped up at 6pm MST and I passed the evening time in my Calgary hotel room watching mindless television ( by choice ) and fell asleep at around 9pm given that I am still tired and needed rest as I was the opening 8am speaker for Pro-Seminars the next morning.

The 5am alarm came too soon and as you guessed it, I still felt tired. I got on with my day with meditation, stretching and setting the intention for the 8am Removing Your Roadblocks speaking presentation for Pro-Seminars.

My meditation and intention was to focus on filling myself up with happiness, joy and peace so that I would pass on this kind of energy to the Pro-Seminars audience versus “I am too !@#$% tired to be here” projecting a face of “poor me, I’m tired” and worse yet “I need a %^$#% sale”.

My meditation and intention work were rewarded and the belief that larger audiences attract better results was shattered.

My May 30th Independent Financial Brokers Summit Presentation in Toronto, ON yielded 4% of the 300 financial advisors in attendance requesting an appointment to discuss becoming a client and 4% purchased either our Removing Your Roadblocks or 7 Actions DVD/E-Book. Tuesday’s Pro-Seminars Calgary presentation yielded 3% of the 40 financial advisors in the attendance requesting an appointment to discuss becoming a client and 6% purchased either our Removing Your Roadblocks or 7 Actions DVD/E-Book.

I consider these results to be outstanding as I have seen smaller groups produce little or no results. Keep in mind that this was back in the days when I used to focus on sales results versus being 101% focused on adding value to the audience. That is the outcome today … add value to the audience and it was really evident as many of the audience members got right up out of their seats and came to the front of the room to acknowledge the quality of the presentation.

At the same time, the concept that I wrote about in yesterday’s Blog hit home: Are you a Financial Survivor or a Financial Advisor? I am also pleased that I taped the presentation and we will have it type set for the July Removing Your Roadblocks E-Newsletter. The outsourcing continues.

I started this Blog title as Self Coaching and was going to get into doing a little Self Coaching because I was … you guessed it … still tired.

It should come as no surprise that by writing this Blog and acknowledging the great speaking results that I am no longer feeling tired.

To be complete: Why am I so tired?

It is simple, Simon. You flew into Vancouver from England on Saturday evening June 9th. Flew home from Vancouver on Sunday. Unpacked after being away for two weeks. Had back to back coaching calls with 4am start days Monday – Friday last week. Invested the best part of Saturday June 16th writing my June E-Newsletter. Was too bagged on Sunday to relax. Up early to plan the week on Monday and catch a flight to Calgary. You know the rest.

So along with this, I notice that I have not had a day to do any planning since I returned to digest the last two weeks and without the planning time, the ego mind somehow makes everything a number one “A” priority and the ego goes over everything over and over and over and over and over … you get it.

I created the last 6 weeks of speaking gigs by choice putting a lot of energy out along with 31,000 kilometers of travel so that I would be able to be off the road for the summer and have a full practice as a result of all the speaking that we have been doing and we have 101% success.

I will be landing shortly in Comox, BC, Laura will be there to greet me at the airport 🙂 and we will have lunch, and I am done with traveling until the end of August!!!

On top of that, I have two days of client calls ahead of me with Friday being business planning and product development day so that I can get everything sorted for an enjoyable weekend. Laura and I are taking kayak lessons on Sunday.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm!?! What to do with all of the prospects that are enquiring over the internet and through the speaking that want to be clients when we have little or no space? That is tomorrow’s Blog story.